Defining project scope

Scope is the sum total of all the work required for the project.


Objective – A single statement describing the project’s completion state in business outcome language.  It enables the sponsor, steering group, key stakeholders and project to test when the problem has been resolved and the project completed.

Project deliverables – These are made up of the project deliverables and management products

Deliverables in summary

  • Products
  • Services and outputs

Management deliverables

  • Governance documents
  • Significant other management documents

Product scope – A detailed breakdown of deliverables.  This should be checked to confirm it is sufficient – everything is defined that is needed to meet the outcomes; and necessary – all products proposed are required to meet this project’s outcomes

Product Acceptance Criteria (AC) – For significant products where ambiguity may exist in the definition, ACs should be described by making reference to:

  • Specific requirements or ACs defined in the requirements
  • The objective or defined outcomes
  • Standard performance criteria

Tasks activities – This identifies the major work streams and is derived from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) which analyses in detail the work to be performed.

A detailed WBS should be analysed where ever there is uncertainty or there is a need to gain agreement on the approach to be taken.

Inclusion / exclusions – This section ensures that all stakeholders are aware of what is not included and what is included.




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